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A man’s attempt to avoid walking on rainbow steps goes viral because… oh boy

A video showing a man going to lengths to avoid walking upon rainbow steps has gone viral.

It’s unknown when the video originated. The location has been pinpointed as the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Australia. It posted photos of the steps just before the most recent Sydney Mardi Gras.

Rather than walking up the steps, he pulls himself up on the central railings running up the center. However, as he slid his crotch against the railings, his posteriors in the air, many questioned his method.

Resharing the video, one X user said, “This is literally the gayest possible thing he could have done in this situation.”

The tweet has had over 380k likes and 12 million views.

For real?

Some pointed out a far easier way to ascend the stairs, by walking up the wall on one side.

Others were simply incredulous.

Others online have suggested the individual may actually be gay and taking part in a TikTok trend to behave in a cartoonishly homophobic fashion. If so, we applaud his convincing portrayal of a homophobic idiot.

UNSW posted photos of the repainted steps in February. Even then, some commentators said they would do all they could to avoid them.


Sadly, social media offers other examples of men trying to avoid using rainbow steps.

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Rainbow meltdown

Although the viral video from UNSW is likely to be a skit, some people are deeply triggered by rainbows. We recently reported on Russian authorities shutting down a My Little Pony convention because one of the figurines has a rainbow mane.

Meanwhile, in London last month, a Christian group launched a petition to try and stop authorities hanging prominent Progress Pride flags on the main shopping streets during Pride Month.

At the time of writing, it’s unlikely the petition will have any impact on the city’s plans.

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