What's Your Pleasure?

People are talking about their weird but harmless kinks and the results are shocking

Kinks: everybody’s got one! Well, that’s not strictly true, but let’s just say that most people with a sex drive are aware of what specific kinds of acts, attire, or imagery gets them off. We spend our lives trying to crack the code of our own sexuality, and sometimes we figure it out quite quickly. Other times, it takes a little longer to unravel.

For a group of gays on the subreddit r/AskGayMen, the question “what’s your weird (but harmless) kink” drew a diverse range of answers. While some users said that it doesn’t take much more than a backwards baseball cap to get them in the mood, others revealed some truly surprising kinks.

“I love seeing guys in their underwear and fantasy about sniffing them,” wrote one Redditor. “Honorable mention: armpits.” Another agreed, but clarified that he enjoys wearing “the other guy’s” underwear. Twinning! Someone else explained that he loves a big, bulky calf muscle (who doesn’t) while another said he likes to think about the noises his straight friends make during sex. Who’d have thunk it!

But one fetish kept reappearing in the thread, and it’s not the one you’d think. “Guys who wear ankle socks and low rise shoes,” one user wrote. “Ankles are soooo sexy.” Ok Achilles! Another chimed in: “I find socks the most comfortable piece of clothing. I like to keep them on during sex. Also love it when the guy I’m about to f*ck keeps his socks on.”

Now the socks on/off discussion is its own controversial topic, one which we can’t do full justice to here. But it’s worth pointing out that of the sock lovers, not all identified as foot fetishists. So a sock fetish does not necessarily include a foot fetish, and vice versa. So glad we cleared that up!

Other sweet, silly fetishes showed up in the thread, such as blushing (and making another guy blush,) the bellybutton/navel region, and simple “man stink.”

It just goes to show that it really does take all kinks to make a world.

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