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Queer Couples Shared How They Met and and the Result is Beautiful

· Updated on October 4, 2023

When Twitter user @inaribriana shared this prompt, queer people answered in the best way, andwe knew we had to share the love.

Happy queer couples are now sharing their stories online, including how and where they met their significant other, what stage of their life they were in when it happened, and where they are now. Many of them have just gotten married, or have proudly spent a decade together since meeting. It’s especially wonderful to see the prompt is primarily filled with couples of color.

At a time when dating apps are hell on earth and being out as queer is increasingly unsafe, queer people sharing their love online can feel (and be) revolutionary. These couples are simultaneously inspirational and ordinary, because queer people fall in love every day, everywhere —no matter how much certain groups want us to think otherwise

. These tweets show queer romance as something that real people experience, all over the world; and for most of them, it’s been many, many years of romance and sweet adventure together. We have always been here, and we always will be.

So enjoy these reminders that people who look like us, and love like us, and met in places we go every day—yes, Instagram, but also on campus, in fandoms, at basketball games, and through TikTok—find lasting love that has brightened their lives. Let’s hold onto hope with all that we have. Queer love must be celebrated! (And for those of us who are extremely single, let’s take down some notes…)

Fandoms are magic —and they clearly bring people together in more ways than one! 

Did not know that Pokémon Facebook chat was a thing until now, but we will be looking into it immediately. 

We love to see meet-cutes still happen like in the early 2000s rom-coms. These couples met at bars, rival sports games, through friends of friends, and at the library.

Can’t argue with the tried-and-true classic: Sliding into their DMs (with the winning combo of respect and a sense of humor)

Which of your mutuals are you still Story-reacting with heart eyes to when you could be married already? Think about that! 

Jordan Brand coming through with the assist!

Some of us just be scrolling and tapping, wasting away… But not these people! They went and found true love by connecting on social media. 

“Exposed as top story viewer” is an origin story for the ages.

The journey from commenting on his oldest pic, to blocked for a year, to this… what a rollercoaster ride!

These gorgeous couples are an important reminder that it’s always worth shooting your shot!

This hospital plot twist is for those of you still waiting to hear back for someone. Obviously it’s not ideal, but you never know! He might still be out there, just give him a minute to get discharged.

There are thousands of couples sharing their love in the thread, and new love stories continue to be added, so if you need some positivity, go ahead and scroll. We could all use a little positivity right now.◆

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