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Queer People are Not Happy With Vanessa Lachey After That “Love is Blind” Reunion

As if the “Love is Blind” drama couldn’t get any worse after that epic Netflix kerfuffle, queer fans are expressing more than a little disappointment at Vanessa Lachey’s response to some of the couples in question.

The bulk of the drama surrounds Jackie and Marshall, the couple that didn’t stay together for pretty obvious reasons. We all remember what happened after some of Jackie’s texts were leaked earlier this month: she claimed that Marshall had a little “sugar” in his “tank,” based on Jackie’s own homophobic assumptions about what it means to be for a man—queer or straight—to be “manly” enough.

To which Marshall responded:

On top of that, Marshall made a previous comment about Jackie about her “strong jawline” that reeked of transphobia.

Now not only did Vanessa Lachey not comment on the homophobia or transphobia, she felt the need to be offended for Jackie after hearing about the “jawline” comment.

Now, fans are wondering how Vanessa and Nick Lachey got this gig in the first place.

But fear not: the Lacheys are not hosting the upcoming queer “Love is Blind” spinoff “The Ultimatum: Queer Love.”

Still, the timing isn’t great.

Whether or not the couple “opted out,” it’s becoming clear they’re not equipped to deal with queer contestants and their needs.

The fact that Vanessa played right into the transphobia by being offended for Jackie shows that she’s far from ready to unpack all the other anti-queer microaggressions that keep coming up throughout the show.

Here’s hoping “The Ultimatum: Queer Love” hosts will actually be able to unpack some of the homophobia and transmisogyny of its predecessor. Also…maybe stop asking people when they’re going to have babies, Vanessa! Ew!

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