Radio show calls woman to inform her that her fiancé is on Grindr

A radio show in Australia has prompted debate and some controversy for a phone-in segment today. The Kyle and Jackie O Show airs on KIIS. Hosts Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O are two of the biggest names in radio in the country.

Their show has a segment called “Final Objection.” It features people calling up to object to someone’s upcoming nuptials.

On today’s episode, a 25-year-old man called Ryan rang up to say he was uncomfortable about his step-sister’s upcoming wedding. He spoke to his step-sister, Chloe, and the hosts, live on air.

“I was on Grindr, and I was scrolling through…and [her fiancé] Mark’s head popped up… he was throwing off a few gay vibes at Christmas,” said Ryan.

Chloe was shocked.

“I honestly don’t know what to say. Is this a prank? Are you guys pranking me?” she replied.

Host Kylie suggested that someone may have been using Mark’s photos to catfish. Ryan was unconvinced with this possibility.

“Honestly, I just have a gut feeling about this, Chloe. I think you should ask him next time you see him,” he said.

“It’s definitely him”

Ryan said he took screenshots of the profile. Kyle and Jackie encouraged him to send the screenshots to Chloe. She said it was, indeed, images of her fiancé.

“It’s definitely him, it’s grainy but you can still see that it’s him.”

Kyle asked if the photos were old or recent.

“It looks pretty recent, since he’s gotten really fit, for sure,” she replied, her voice beginning to crack.

Kyle advises her not to jump to conclusions and to say some friends of his could have put the photo online as a prank.

“I just confirmed my wedding dress on the weekend. It doesn’t make sense,” says Chloe, now (unsurprisingly) sounding heartbroken.

She goes on to say, “Obviously every guy has little things but it doesn’t mean that they’re gay. I feel all guys can do silly things when they’re drunk, right?”

“Like what?” asks Kyle, bemused.

“Like they’ve kissed on the mouth … just joking around before all out drinking and stuff,” replies Chloe.

“Just ask him,” advises Kyle, before trying to lighten the mood by suggesting, “If he was gay, would you have a problem if your brother started dating him.

Ryan laughs and says, “He’s not my type!”

Chloe remains quiet and Kyle says, “I was just trying to soften the blow, but I felt like I made it worse.”

Part of the conversation was posted by the show on Instagram and Facebook.

“Why would you do this on this show?”

Many appeared shocked by the story and wanted to know what happened to the woman after she got off the phone. Did she confront her husband-to-be, and how did it go?

Others suggested she was in denial about the situation and that most “straight” men don’t kiss other men when drunk. Some pointed out that bisexuality exists and the man’s presence on Grindr didn’t necessarily mean he was gay.

Many expressed sympathy for the bride-to-be.

“How horrible for Chloe! I feel for her. Her fiancé should just be honest with her.”

However, others were also left uncomfortable by the segment.

“Why would you do this on this show?” asked one person on Facebook.

“That was a horrible segment, I feel for Chloe,” said another.

And on Instagram, one listener questioned the brother’s motives.

“Why did he have to tell his stepsister on the radio? He couldn’t tell her privately. How degrading for her.”

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