The gays are asking: which sexy celebs would have you on your knees?

As queer people, it’s not uncommon to have celebrities be our first crushes. There’s something so safe about it: when you’re fantasizing about a celebrity, you’re fully in the realm of make-believe. Most of us will never meet these people, which means we’ll never have to face being rejected by these people. Also, celebrities do represent some of our very hottest specimens on planet Earth, so who could blame us for daydreaming? That’s right, no one!

That said, everyone’s celebrity fantasy is different. Some spend their time lusting over Frank Ocean in a wrestling singlet. Others spend hours fantasizing about Jacob Elordi or Bad Bunny. Some can’t get enough of Daniel Dae Kim as the dastardly sexy Fire Lord Ozai. And some of just can’t stop thinking about Bruce Springteen’s splendid B cups.

So when the Reddit forum r/AskGayGuys posted the question, “which celebrity would make you drop your pants the fastest if they walked in naked,” the responses were many and manifold.

Right off the bat, Simu Liu got a mention, and rightly so: not only was the Canadian action star hilarious in Barbie, he’s a certified hunk who can wear a tanktop like nobody’s business.

“I want to taste his h*le so bad,” one redditor said. Words to live by.

Other commenters chimed in with their faves, including Jacob Elordi, Pedro Pascal, and Jonathan Bailey. There was much love for Candyman and Ambulance star  Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, and for good reason. Hunk, thy name is Yahya!

And we can’t forget Dune II daddy Oscar Isaac, of course…

Singers Lil Nas X and Isaac Cole Powell also made the list.

Others in the chat talked about giving it up for Fire Island star Joel Kim Booster and um…hell yes.

And the love for Prison Break star Wentworth Miller was unending. As one commenter wrote: “I always hoped for a p*rn version of Prison Break where Wentworth and the brother he’s trying to get out of jail have sex. That show reeked of homo-erotica.”

You and me both, friend.

There were a few interesting surprises, too, like actor Tim Williams, the silver fox known to all from those Trivago commercials.

And some threw it all the way back to the 80s. At the mention of Tom Selleck, one redditor wrote: “I grew up loving a mustache because of Magnum PI.”

Again, relatable.

In essence, it takes all kinds to make a horny world, folks.

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