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Was Dixie D’Amelio Just Outed?

Welcome to the golden age of being outed (and coming out) via TikTok.

Yesterday, news broke that Dixie D’Amelio—model and older sister of TikTok sensation Charlie—may have been outed by friend and Capitol Records VP Carter Gregory.

But the evidence— as usual with TikTok outings— is pretty thin. The video, which features clips of Dixie along with others artists in full slay mode, was captioned “gay iconz only.”

@thecarterbgay iconz only♬ THIS IS WHAT I WANNA SEE – Kevin JZ Prodigy

But if the case of Dua Lipa has taught us anything, it’s that you don’t have to be gay in order to be a gay icon. Nonetheless, fans of Dixie D’Amelio have taken the occasion to lose their goddamn minds over what they see as the star’s “outing.” While Gregory did confirm in a comment that all the girls in the video are gay, some commenters believe that he’s making a joke—which is possible since one of that gals in question is Kylie Jenner.

Is it a little far-fetched? Sure. But then again, so is the case of Emily Ratajkowski potentially coming out as bisexual by stitching a video about how girls with green velvet couches are all bi. So, you know. It’s the world we’re living in, is all I’m saying.

That said, a few select photos of Dixie and Sabrina Carpenter attending an afterparty are now looking a little more gay after this news. Especially the way Dixie is absolutely rocking this suit jacket.

This pixie cut is giving Selma Blair, and fans are loving it.

D’Amelio has not responded to Gregory’s video as of yet, but she did drop this utterly sickening clip:


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