Green Velvet Couch

Ok…Did Emily Ratajkowski Just Come Out?

Yet another celebrity has seemingly come out as bisexual via the green couch meme…and on National Coming Out Day, of all things!

Last week, “Pretty Little Liars” stans everywhere were thrilled—if not quite surprised—by Shay Mitchell coming out through a stitch with a creator claiming that having a green couch means that you’re bisexual.

Yes, I know: as comings-out go, it wasn’t the most loud and proud. But it’s 2022 and this is way we do things, by gum!

Which makes it absolutely no surprise that celebrated model, author, and gal about town Emily Ratajkowski has stitched together her own coming out via green velvet couch TikTok.

@emrata #stitch with @shaymitchell ♬ original sound – Emrata

In the video, Emrata stitches Shay Mitchell’s green velvet couch video and displays her own in the background with a cheeky lil grin.

Needless to say, everyone is pretty excited about this development.

Is she…you know…the owner of a green velvet couch?

“I’m not even gay,” wrote one TikTok commenter, “but I feel like this a win for us.”

Oh it is. But let’s step back a moment and look at the facts. Emily Ratajkowski is fresh off a divorce from a man she’s described as a “serial cheater.” And her rebound man happens to be none other than Brad Pitt, an alleged sexual abuser who is doing his level best to divert attention from this fact.

So what’s the tea? Is this a real coming out, or is Emrata being extremely savvy by taking the attention off of her budding romance with Pitt?

Only time will tell.

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