Eric Trump’s latest racist rant proves what everyone already knew

At a poorly attended New York City rally yesterday, Eric Trump took the stage to promise his followers that he and his father will win the upcoming election for one very racist racist reason.

“We’re waiting for the day that we’ll win,” Trump said to his fans. “We will, we’re white.”

Now hearing this out loud is certainly not news to anyone who’s been paying attention. The Trump campaign has made no secret of their blatant racism, and despite gaining recent pick-me endorsements from women of color like Sexxy Red and Amber Rose, anyone who can read between the lines (or simply keep their eyes and ears open) knows exactly what the MAGA platform is all about. Racism and white supremacy have always been part of the Trump family core values, dating way back to Trump’s father Fred and the racial bias housing case that accused the real estate developer of openly refusing to rent homes in his housing developments to Black tenants.

Still, this is bold even for Eric Trump. While some felt that the “we’re white” comment may have been a slip of the tongue, others believed that Trump’s son knew exactly what he was doing.

It’s no surprise certainly, but it is evidence that the Trumps are playing a bolder, more openly heinous game than ever before.

However, if moving from thinly-veiled racism to open racism is the Trump family’s move, they might be out of luck. This country might have been built on the white supremacist principles the Trumps enjoy amplifying, but things are changing. Not only is America queerer than ever as over 20% of Gen Z adults continue to identify as LGBTQ+, but changing racial demographics are also moving us closer to a majority non-white national population.

Trump and co. might stand openly and loudly for white supremacy, but they’re increasingly in the minority, no matter how shamelessly vocal that minority might be.

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