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F1nn5ter finally comes out as trans

In a massive win for the gays (specifically the trans gays), legendary Twitch streamer and cosplayer F1nn5ter is officially part of the trans community.

A few days ago, the Internet’s arguably most famous femboy made it official. Announcing to an audience of millions, F1nn5ter explained that she has been on HRT and officially identifies as genderfluid. F1nn5ter currently uses he/she pronouns.

Now no one is surprised to learn this of course: after years of trans folks speculating about F1nn’s commitment to the “bit” of crossdressing as a woman for streams, the day we’ve longed for has finally come. “People have been making egg jokes and saying I’m on HRT for years,” she explained in the video. “And because of that, a lot of the trans community started popping into streams.”

So how did we get here, and why did it take so long?

After F1nn5ter started engaging more with trans folks on Twitch and social media, he “learned a lot” from the trans community, and noticed that some of it seemed “a little too interesting” for an ostensibly straight cis person to be taking in.

“It felt like uncovering a part of myself that I’d been purposely shutting down for as long as I can remember.”

Like so many of us, F1nn5ter’s journey started with a pro/con list. Was HRT something she really wanted to start? Was it just because of the success of the Twitch gag?

Ultimately, no. What F1nn5ter learned is what so many of us learn before coming out: the transness will leap out even we’ve tried as hard as possible to repress it.

While F1nn5ter currently identifies as genderfluid and embraces both male and female pronouns, ultimately, she doesn’t care about labels. “In ten years, nobody’s going to be making coming out videos,” he explained. “But it’s been so much a part of my content over the years as I’ve figured stuff out, so I felt it was worth saying.”

As for F1nn5ter’s sexual orientation, that seems to be fluid as well. For the moment, F1nn identifies as bisexual. In 2021, she posted a video titled “I’m Not Straight” that clarified her sexuality.

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