This TikTok of a “clayjob” has the gays asking questions

Have you ever seen something on TikTok that’s led you to question your eyesight, reality, and every life choice you’ve made up to this point? The answer is a resounding yes: that’s what TikTok is for. Whether we land on a life-changing recipe while scrolling or hit upon a piece of life advice that has us thinking differently about our problems, the time we spend on the app in enlightening in more ways than one.

But sometimes, you find a video that leaves you with more questions than answers. For instance, a since-deleted clip that’s been making the rounds on other social media platforms for some time. It’s a video that, once seen, can’t be forgotten, and yes that does count as a trigger warning. I will now present this video to the class with no further comment.

So yes, this is a video of an artist giving what seems to be a lil’ handy to a lump of clay on a pottery wheel. His expression is decidedly fraught: he knows that what he’s about to do next is probably going to be a bad idea. But he’s going to do it anyway. And so he does: having gotten the clay to a desirable height and width, the artist deep throats it. While it’s still moving on the wheel.

We don’t need to hear the final wretch to know that he immediately regretted that decision. He’s just doing what every curious mind has thought about doing at pottery class, and he’s shown us what we probably knew already. Giving a “clayjob” is probably not the finest idea on Earth.

But is it entertaining? Oh yes.

The look on his face, the instant regret after doing the thing he knew he shouldn’t—it’s simply relatable.

If you’re wondering about the context of this clip, I regret to say I can give you absolutely none. The video was originally made by the NYC-based artist Thom Minnick, who makes large-scale oil paintings and is quite a force on TikTok. But why did he do this? We don’t know. We may never know. We only know that this man’s strength and bravery is a testament to gay culture everywhere. It doesn’t matter what this artist’s orientation is: he said what we were all thinking with this one.

The Ghost comparisons are flying!

Another day on the Internet, folks! Another day in hell.

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