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Frank Ocean’s latest singlet selfie has the internet zooming in

Frank Ocean‘s recent singlet selfie on Instagram made the internet gays feral.

The “Thinkin Bout You” singer has his mind on other things beside music, as of late. Aside from hanging out with Spanish pop star Rosalía, Ocean’s has been busy writing songs and producing music for artists like Drake (For All the Dogs), Nas (The Lost Tapes 2), Travis Scott (Astroworld), and N.E.R.D (No One Ever Really Dies) over the last few years since releasing 2016’s Blond. But it also looks like he’s been working on his fitness and his latest selfie proves it.

Introducing, Frank Ocean the wrestler.

Ocean took to Instagram Stories to share his new hairdo and a jacked physique in a Nasty Pig singlet. Honestly, you can’t get gayer than this. While we desperately want new music, zooming in on Ocean’s singlet was not on our 2024 bingo card, but it’s certainly welcomed.

Ocean’s has kept a low profile within the music industry, but has been developing a slew of projects. A month after his Coachella set, an alleged collab with Rosalía called “Changes” leaked, along with a visual. Additionally, he launched the luxury fashion brand Homer, a line that’s producing rings for fingers and phalluses.

Ocean also teased an untitled song from his Instagram Stories last November, leaving fans craving his music. Instead, his selfie game is what the R&B phenom left us with. But don’t worry, the Internet has plenty of thoughts.

For starters, some fans noticed that Ocean posted the Nasty Pig singlet selfie on the 30th anniversary of the popular gay brand. Thanks to Ocean’s post, he may have inspired a new generation of wrestling fans. Whether they indulge in the sport versus the kink is not for us to figure out.

Additionally, with Ocean wearing a Nasty Pig singlet, his fans started to assume that the “Novacane” singer has some pretty kinky desires of his own.

Others were desperately trying to find his “singlet print”, but a clever angle and wearing the color black prevented that.

And while some were concerned about his package, others simply wondered where the music was.

Singlets over singles? Why make us choose?

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