Waist Not, Want Not

Here’s why the gays aren’t impressed with Kim Kardsashian’s Met Gala look

Kim Kardashian made a big impression with her look for Monday night’s Met Gala.

Wearing a custom look by John Galliano for ​​Maison Margiela, Kardashian’s waist was cinched for the gods. It’s not the first time she’s drastically changed her body for the Gala: In 2022, she went on a strict diet to fit into Marilyn Monroe’s “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” dress. For this year’s look, it’s unclear if she changed her diet again or simply wore an extreme corset — but either way, she’s got the internet abuzz with hot takes.

Kardashian’s look was controversial with the general public. Some folks were disappointed with the styling: why cover such a gorgeous gown with a dull gray cardigan? Others pointed out that she looked uncomfortable in the garment and wondered what message it sent to idolize an impossibly small waist.

But the gays were having none of that discourse. High fashion is far different than everyday style, they said across the internet — and a dangerously tiny waist is nothing new, particularly for fans of drag. Lots of folks drew comparisons to an iconic runway look from RuPaul’s Drag Race that make Kardashian’s look seem tame.

Back on Season 7 of Drag Race, eventual winner Violet Chachki beat Kardashian to the punch, more than nine years ago. For the runway category “Death Becomes Her,” the queens were tasked to show how their drag character would die. For Chachki, whose aesthetic leans into the world of burlesque, death by corset only made sense.

And so, she hit the runway with an oxygen mask, corseted nearly to death with an 18-inch waist. The look elicited gasps from the judging panel (including “Break Free”-era Ariana Grande as the guest judge).

“I’m numb from the waist down, tuck included,” Chachki said in her narration of the runway. “I really could die, b*tch. I’m giving you realness.”

Given the similarities between Chacki’s look and Kardashian’s, the comparisons quickly rolled in.

As Chachki and Kardashian both proved, body modification for fashion is a surefire way to get attention — but that doesn’t mean ultra-restrictive corsets will be the next ready-to-wear trend, even when they’re worn by A-list celebs.

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