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What do Chappell Roan and Sasha Colby have in common?

Chappell Roan hasn’t been shy about taking inspiration from the world of drag, including recruiting local drag artists to open for her concerts and featuring them in her music videos. Now, with a viral speech at Coachella, she’s paying homage to her favorite queen of them all.

During her second performance at the music festival, the “Good Luck, Babe!” singer stared daggers into the camera and gave a now iconic monologue.

“My name is Chappell Roan, and I’m your favorite artist’s favorite artist,” she said. “I’m your dream girl’s dream girl. And I’m gonna serve exactly what you are: C*nt!”

Naturally, Roan’s fandom was obsessed. But fans of RuPaul’s Drag Race (and of drag in general) picked up on another aspect of the speech: it sounds like a reference to the winner of Season 15 of Drag Race and all-around icon Sasha Colby.

In her promo video for Drag Race, Colby declared herself “your favorite drag queen’s favorite drag queen.” Roan seemed to be borrowing Colby’s sentence structure for her Coachella speech, and on her Instagram story, she confirmed it.

“My favorite drag queen is @sashacolby,” Roan wrote on Instagram. “She famously said ‘I’m your favorite drag queen’s favorite drag queen.’ Me saying ‘I’m your favorite artist’s favorite artist’ at Coachella was a nod to her, how much I admire her, and how much drag is intertwined with my project. She is everythinggg 2 me.”

“My outfit choices, song choices, writing style, hair/makeup, etc. are all nods to the queens I look up to. I try to honor my queer elders; those who came before me. I am always referencing someone or something,” she continued. “It’s all very intentional.

Camp is camp. Pop is pop. I’m not taking myself or aesthetic seriously, because that’s no fun,” she concluded. “I want to have fun.”

Colby herself reposted Roan’s message, adding two emojis: “🥹🩷”

Fans of both were thrilled to see their faves interact, hoping it means some kind of collab is in the future. Imagine a remix of any of the tracks off Roan’s album The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess featuring a verse from Colby? She’s the epitome of a super graphic ultra modern girl, after all. 

Even RuPaul herself got in on the action, posting a video lip syncing to Roan’s Coachella monologue. Roan’s guest judge spot on Season 17 (with an all-time great lip sync battle to one of her songs) seems all but secured, and we can’t wait to see it.


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