Buckle Up

Is this the next big trend in lesbian fashion?

Queer fashion is always evolving, and this sapphic couple thinks they’ve figured out the next big thing in lesbian style.

Ari and Col are a lesbian couple with more than 335,000 followers on their shared TikTok account, which Ari used to share an important discovery about the future of fashion.

“This year, I am stepping my game up,” Ari announced. “I will become the gayest I’ve ever been, and how I’m going to achieve that is through … the belt buckle.” 

The belt buckle is a classic cowboy accessory, but these days you’re only likely to see it sported by ranchers. Ari, though, is convinced they’re perfect to wear to the gay bar, and they proved it by opening five new buckles on camera, much to Col’s delight.

“I’m starting a new trend,” Ari said. “I cannot wait to start wearing these every single day.”

Ari unboxed the buckles in order from least to most gay (per their own assessment). Buckle number one was a butterfly — beautiful, but not screaming sapphic energy.

Buckle number two, though, really amped things up. It features a yellow triangle with the words, “YIELD: IT’S MORE FUN.” What exactly is the buckle referring to? It’s unclear, but something queer is definitely going on there.

One commenter suggested that it might be “an advertisement for enthusiastic consent,” which Ari happily agreed to.

The third buckle upped the ante again, showing a busty woman molded in bronze next to the words “BLUSHING MELONS FIRM AND FRUITY.” Wild to think that this is still only the third gayest buckle in Ari’s growing collection.

The fourth buckle is simple yet effective: the Subaru logo. On seeing this one, Col chimed in, saying “Tell me why I just started salivating?”

And finally, the buckle Ari called the “magnum opus”: a U-Haul branded buckle. Truly, it can’t get more lesbian than that.


Butches, futches, femmes, thems— LISTEN UP. This is revolutionary. #beltbuckle #unboxinghaul #sapphic #queer #butch @ebay @Subaru of America, Inc. @U-haul Official

♬ original sound – Col & Ari

The comments were full of overwhelming support for the belt buckle renaissance.

“I’ve never been a belt buckle fan but apparently that’s only because I’ve been exposed to straight people buckles,” one commenter wrote. “All of these are fabulous.”

“I have been considering investing in belt buckles and this convinced me,” shared another.

The buckles even had one commenter questioning their sexuality: “Am I gay??” Those are so cool.”

Ari noted that they got several of the buckles from eBay, and the online marketplace chimed in in their comment section.

“This was absolutely riveting,” eBay wrote. “We’re seated for the styling video.”

So far, Ari’s only fully styled one buckle (the Subaru logo), with a fit that many described as “Reba McEntire gone woke,” which is absolutely high praise.


Replying to @mgnlsm were starting off with an absolute BANGER: the Subaru belt buckle. Theres also a little belt buckle tutorial for you guys as requested (: #beltbuckle #sapphic #queer #lesbiancouple @ebay @Subaru of America, Inc. @U-haul Official @Dr. Martens @Wrangler

♬ original sound – Col & Ari

You heard it here first: go buy up your local belt buckle supply, before the quicker sapphics snap them up.

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