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Law Roach’s next vision for Zendaya will make your jaw drop

Law Roach has seen Zendaya through it all: from sci-fi themed looks for Dune: Part Two (who could forget her robotic Mugler bodysuit?) to an elevated tennis aesthetic for her current Challengers press tour (those custom Loewe pumps with tennis balls on the heels were to die for). Now, the celebrity stylist has revealed what he hopes Zendaya gets to wear next — and no one was prepared for his answer.

When asked by fashion news outlet Up Next, “Are there any themes that you’d love to dress Zendaya in?” Roach replied without missing a beat: “P*rn,” he said. “It’s the next one.”

Yes, you read that correctly. Roach wants Zendaya’s next fashion era to be p*rn-themed.

“I would just love to dive into the world of p*rn, and see how I can translate p*rn and hardcore s*x into fashion,” he continued. “Dying to do that.”

Roach’s comment had tons of people doing double-takes, and for good reason. The world of p*rn feels miles away from the high-fashion couture he and Zendaya usually go for — but maybe that’s exactly why it’s exciting for him.

Really, if anyone could pull it off, it’s Roach and Zendaya. Let’s not act like she wouldn’t eat up every runway in some S&M couture. 

One user even suggested that it should be the next Met Gala Theme, and honestly, we’d love to see it. This year, Zendaya is co-chairing the event, so it’s the perfect chance to debut a brand new look for her. Is Zendaya on board for a p*rn-themed era? Who knows, but she and Roach have been working together for 13 years. Just like her fans, maybe she’ll just have to trust the process.

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