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Nothing to See Here, Just Some Extremely Gay Vintage Ads

· Updated on September 8, 2023

Remember catalogs? Of course you do! Remember having to call someone on the phone, read off an extremely specific order number to a customer service representative, and then giving them your parents’ credit card info? It was great.

But even more amazing than the tactile sensation of flipping through a catalog was seeing the models. What pose would they strike? What wholesome yet faintly ridiculous situations would they show them in? And for the love of God, how many times could they show a group of models jumping in the same leaf pile to herald the approach of fall?

These questions are, of course, theoretical. Catalogs represent a time gone by, and a place to which we can never, as a society, truly return.

But what we can do is look back and laugh at just how silly some of them are.

Exhibit A: Western-Cut Blue Jeans from 1964

Sizes include slim, regular, and husky!

If that’s not your style, consider a slightly more…Brokeback approach to the classic western look.

You’re going to need that stretch

These two? Just friends. Friends who enjoy two things: a side part and a high-waisted slack.

These guys are just huge fans of leather, especially when there’s some fur on the collar!

I wonder what these two are talking about…seems pretty serious!

But not as serious as this budding 1980s boy band…

The man in gray has clearly seen too much, and he can’t stop thinking about it.

There truly is nothing like thermalwear for those cold, cold nights.

“I just wish you’d return my calls. Is that so much to ask?”

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