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The Elusive Himbo Hall of Fame

· Updated on May 15, 2024

Himbos. If only there were more of them. Sure, there are plenty of young men with chiseled physiques. Lots of guys who are genuine and kind. And plenty of boys who are not that bright. But all three, together, in one ripped package? That’s a rarity. And it’s why true himbos are so highly prized.

Here’s a short list of our favorite contemporary himbos, the sweet, hot dumbasses of your dreams.

1. Lukas Gage as Dillon in White Lotus

Provided by HBO

Gage stole hearts on the first season of White Lotus in 2021 as hapless but hot Dillon, the resort manager’s used and abused hotel gofer. Gage displayed all the classic himbo attributes — half-witted, kind, and hot — but at 5’9″, was on the smaller side compared to other himbo Hall of Famers (see Chris Pratt below).

What he did have to work with was worked over well in a shocking scene from Episode 4 of the series, when we find his boss Armond (Murray Barlett) on his knees behind Dillon. “We’ve seen sex on TV. Let’s have some ass-eating,” Gage says he told creator Mike White. As well, like White, Gage is gay, making him that rarest of himbo varieties, the gay himbo.

2. André Lamoglia as Iván Carvalho in Élite

Provided by Netflix

Lamoglia joined the cast of the Netflix series Élite in Season 5, playing Iván Carvalho, the questioning, Brazilian-born son of a famous Portuguese footballer who briefly shares his boyfriend with, er, his dad (this Spanish soap set at an elite prep school is like a telenovela on Adderall — and Viagra). Lamoglia spends as much time out of his smart school uniform with the distinctive red-piping and tight red pants as in, taking every opportunity to answer his questioning status with a variety of hot boys and girls at house parties, clubs, and in the school’s always steamy locker room. (When do these kids study?) Lamoglia ‘s character is ripped, one of the nicest guys around, and definitely not there on an academic scholarship.

3. Chris Pratt as Owen Grady in Jurassic World

In the beginning, Chris Pratt didn’t check all the boxes for classic himbo. On Parks and Recreation, he was both half-witted and kind, but also not so ripped. But then Pratt went hard for Hollywood leading man, sgetting ripped for Star-Lord in the Marvel universe and dino-whisperer Owen Grady in the Jurassic Park franchise reboot. With that third leg of the stool built, Pratt achieved classic himbo status, especially with Grady’s character, who is high-functioning when it comes to raptors but endearingly clueless about much else.

4. Chris Hemsworth as Thor in Thor

The middle Hemsworth brother first broke out playing James T. Kirk’s dad in the 2009 Star Trek reboot, but soon enough the shirt came off and the hair came down for Marvel’s Thor, a classic himbo, and also a god.

Like Pratt’s Grady, the god of Thunder has his niche, excelling in combat and general war-making, but he’s also tricked by Loki a lot and basically has a reputation for being the dumbest Avenger. Hemsworth has worked the himbo role in several appearances, like horror satire Cabin in the Woods in 2011 as the brainless but lovable jock, and as one of the only worthwhile things in the mediocre Ghostbusters remake in 2016 as a very hot and insanely dumb though kind-hearted wannabe actor and the firm’s accidental receptionist. Hemsworth, as Mike Hat, observes through lens-less glasses: “An aquarium is a submarine for fish.”

5. Donald Glover as Troy Barnes in Community

Community might have been off the air for awhile now, but that doesn’t mean it’s off the air in our hearts (or on streaming services.) A wonderfully ripped Donald Glover breathed life into Greendale Community College’s goofiest and most clueless jock, and hearts were won across the Internet. The fact that Troy Barnes’ closest (and perhaps most deeply romantic) relationship was with fellow nerd Abed makes his himbo cred even sweeter.

6. Vincent Rodriguez III as Josh Chan in Crazy Ex Girlfriend

Who could forget the most frustrating (and hottest) himbos of the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend universe? As Josh Chan, out-gay actor Vincent Rodriguez III created an appealingly silly, utterly spineless love interest for Rebecca Bunch—as well as a number of other ladies on the show. We might have squirmed when we realized how utterly basic Josh was, but wasn’t that always part of the appeal? Plus, those sweet dance moves had us at hello. ♦

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