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Target’s 2023 Pride Capsule is Here and the Internet Has Thoughts

It’s that time again: the time for every corporation from Lockheed-Martin to Monsanto to upload rainbow gradient logos on social media and call it a day. That’s right babes: Pride is upon us. And for the fashion-minded, that means one thing and one thing only: Target Pride merch.

Even though we’re freshly into May, Target has wasted no time in delivering Pride merch that we absolutely had no idea we needed, like this drag bird:

And we can’t forget this bone for all those queer parents of homophobic dogs out there:

And yes, I, too, have questions about the “pride cat scratcher” pictured beneath. But all questions aside, this year’s drop is pretty good, and by “good,” I mean hilarious. As the ever-iconic Matt Bernstein pointed out, “Live, Laugh, Lesbian” is an instant classic.

What about a green jumpsuit that just says “gay“? I know I want it!

Tag yourself, I’m limp-wristed skeleton.

This one’s for all those gassy girls.

Can’t wait to be seen (in the laundry unit of my building an nowhere else) wearing these designs.

Fashion AND a message? Wow.

All jokes aside, props to Target for actually hiring a nonbinary artist for this year’s drop:

But let’s be honest: pride isn’t pride without GTS kombucha in the mix. And it better be the kind WITH the “mother!”

Rainbow capitalism, you’ve done it again!

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