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This influencer’s smellmaxxing post has the gays going feral for a very strange reason

You might have learned recently about the modern phenomenon of smellmaxxing, a practice by which young men buy designer fragrances at the onset of puberty. Is it to mask the unpleasant stench of sweat and poor hygiene? Is it to impress girls? Or is it yet another status symbol designed by an industry desperate to make up for the impact of post-COVID de-influencing trends by finding a younger, more impressionable market to cater to?

We don’t know, and frankly, we don’t care: what we do care about is that this trend has created an entire subgenre of TikToks in which fragrance influencers rather hornily smell their fans. The trend is a bizarre one, resulting in videos of young men sniffing each other like dogs in heat. And it’s getting even weirder out there. A recent video from the fragrance influencer parody account @jimmy.sniffs, for instance, really took it there.

In the video, Jimmy is approached by a “fan” and asked to guess his fragrance. And things quite quickly turn comically raunchy.

This is, of course, a large part of Jimmy’s schtick. By parodying bigger fragrance influencers (namely the popular @JeremyFragrance, who touts himself as the “Number 1 Fragrance Icon That Follows The Teachings Of Jesus”), Jimmy is allowed to say the quiet part out loud. Which is: sniffing other men is pretty gay, and very horny.

Fans are in agreement. “This is gay p*rn,” one commenter wrote of a video where Jimmy literally rips off his friend’s shirt. “am I interrupting something,” another asked, while one fan wrote: “Aii bro I don’t think this is a skit anymore 😭🙏.”

Whatever’s going on here, the gays are about it.

Honestly, thank god for the Internet.

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