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A gay man went on a transphobic rant about bathrooms, and he’s getting dragged to filth

At this point in the game, one thing is clear: if you say some ignorant crap online, you’re going to get dragged to hell and back. And that goes double if you’re already in the queer community.

One cis gay man recently f’ed around and found out when he decided to take to TikTok to talk about something he had no business talking about: trans women using women’s bathrooms.

For most people with half a brain, this isn’t a debate or even a point of conversation. Trans women are women, and they belong in the women’s bathroom. But for this TikToker, it was more important to make a hateful, ignorant statement for rage views than to prioritize trans womens’ safety and belonging.

Of course, the queer community at large was not having it.

Not only is it absurd to keep bringing up the false narrative of trans women as some kind of a “threat” in women’s bathrooms, it just shows how the bad faith arguments of the right are slowly creeping into certain factions of the cis queer community. But as many have pointed out, not only is this behavior not ok, it says a lot more about the transphobe ranting online than the reality of trans lives.

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“To the white trans man talking about trans women using the women’s bathroom,” TikTok creator b1ggstone said in a stitch, “you’re just mad because people told you growing up that you wanted to be a woman. And now, when you see somebody transitioning to be a woman, you’re taking out your insecurities of you being feminine and flamboyant out on them.”

This creator went on to call out the original poster for not only internalized femmephobia and transphobia, but cultural appropriation. “Let’s talk about you coming into Black peoples’ spaces.”

It’s one thing to decided to rage-bait by engaging in a tired, transmisogynistic fear-mongering trope. It’s entirely another to do this while stealing your entire personality from Black trans women.

This isn’t the first time Ryan has been dragged for idiotic behavior: he was one of the very intelligent folks who thought that TDOV and Easter taking place on the same day in 2024 was some kind of grand trans conspiracy to discredit Jesus. So…yeah.

Sadly, transphobes will always try and use their ignorance to try and make bad faith points about who does and doesn’t belong in certain spaces. But rest assured that they will always and forever be dragged to within an inch of their lives for doing so.

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