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George Santos slams “vile” Pride Month and the internet has thoughts

Disgraced, former congressman George Santos took to X (formerly Twitter) yesterday to share his thoughts on Pride Month. In short, he’s against it.

“Oh God I just realized it’s 4 days until Gay inc and the LGBTQ mafia have an entire month of pure vile indoctrination of our kids with the masking of ‘it’s pride month let’s teach love and tolerance’…” he said.

“Can we skip to July and not have June this year?”

Santos made history when he was elected to Congress in November 2022 as the first out-gay, Republican to join the US House. However, even before he’d been sworn in, it emerged he’d falsified large chunks of his résumé.

Then photos emerged of him in drag attending Pride festivals in Brazil when younger. He initially denied he’d ever been a drag queen, before later conceding the photos were indeed of him.

Kicked out of Congress and awaiting trial

As reporters dug deeper into his background, questions emerged about Santos’ campaign finances. He currently faces more than 20 federal charges relating to wire fraud and deception. This includes using donors’ credit card details for personal gain.

He denies all the charges against him. However, his denials were not enough for him to avoid being kicked out of Congress late last year.

Since that time, Santos has monetized his infamy by selling Cameo videos. He even resurrected his drag persona, Kitara Rivache, for some of the videos he sold.

Santos is known for parroting MAGA talking points. But still, his antipathy toward Pride Month surprised some people. In his replies, many suggested he should sit this one out.

Although Santos appears to have turned his back on the Pride festivals he enjoyed in his youth, he was more than happy to head to the Bronx last week for a rally held by Donald Trump. Perhaps he’s among those praying for a pardon should Trump be re-elected.

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