George Santos’ late night text exchange with a stranger has Twitter scratching its head

Former U.S. Representative George Santos isn’t the person you call at 3:30AM (or at all) for help.

Some folks are struggling to respond to a “wyd” text at 3:30AM. However, Santos doesn’t seem to have an issue responding to anyone at the “ungodly hour.” The disgraced politician shared on X (formerly Twitter) a text exchange he had with a stranger who FaceTimed him late at night.

“I was just woken up by a random number calling me on FaceTime and then texting me… here’s my ungodly exchange at 3:37AM,” Santos wrote.

Getting a late night, random phone call is one thing. Maybe a telemarketer got a hold of your number or perhaps, canvassers have new working hours. But the text conversation Santos shared online has folks scratching their head as the scenario unfolded.

The random stranger texted Santos for “some advice” and calling him “big bro,” to which Santos replies with “Who the f*ck is this? It’s 3:30AM.” Well, Santos should know that if he’s going to respond with the time that he should come back with the correct time. Thankfully, the random person texting him let him know that it’s “3:37 actually.”

Commence the frustration! Santos took the bait and inquired about who was FaceTiming him so late, waking him out of his beauty sleep.

“Who are you? And you better be needing a lawyer to get you out of jail to call me at this time,” Santos wrote.

The stranger responded, “I’m just a scared little lad.”

At this point, the random stranger is winning, as Santos, seemingly more annoyed, follow up with “F*ck off. Call or text me again and l’II go to the cops for harassment!”

“Please i need help you’re amazing and heroic,” replied the stranger, who clearly is flattering the wrong person.

Surely, at this point, Santos would ignore this person. But that would be too easy. Instead, Santos sends one more sassy remark.

“Consider yourself warned,” Santos warned. “If you need help call 911…If that’s not the help you need then I hope you had good insurance.”

Now, after this purely chaotic exchange, X users were left with way too many questions, like why was Santos even responding to texts late at night?

Some folks are convinced it was an organized text conversation between Santos and himself or maybe it was with his drag persona.

Also, how’s the scared little lad doing?

Regardless, since being ousted from the U.S. House of Representatives last year, it seems that Santos is doing whatever it takes to stay relevant, including not putting his phone on “do not disturb” mode. From attacking other conservatives, like right-wing media pundit Ann Coulter, to suing late night host Jimmy Kimmel for fraud over creating personalized Cameo videos for him, there’s really no new low for the Hermes bag-loving, Sephora Rouge VIB member. How else is Santos going to (allegedly) pay for his OnlyFans subscriptions?

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