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George Santos turns on Ann Coulter: “A washed up, miserable sourpuss”

Conservative media pundit Ann Coulter managed to make MAGA cultists furious over the weekend with her latest comments about Donald Trump.

Coulter was formerly a supporter of the 45th President and even wrote a book entitled, In Trump We Trust.

However, in recent months she’s hinted that sections of the Republican Party have become too right-wing, even for her.

Last fall she questioned the pro-life movement’s demands to criminalize all abortions. This followed an episode of her podcast entitled “Trump is done“. In it, Coulter said the former President was propped up by the right-wing media and a “dwindling” band of “fanatics.”

On Saturday, Coulter continued the criticism. Responding to a comment from a fellow rightwinger suggesting Trump was the best person to handle the US border. Coulter said, “Trump won’t close the border. He’ll push for amnesty, allow anchor babies and sanctuary cities to continue, ban bump stocks, propose taking guns away without due process and hire half of Goldman Sacks. The presidential election is worthless. Concentrate on the House & Senate.”

The comment incensed the disgraced, former Congressman George Santos.

“Why is this washed up miserable single sourpuss still talking smack about Trump?” raged Santos. “Can she just go back to fantasizing that her GAY friends are Straight and will sleep with her?”

“Ann Coulter is a sour puss and her body will be discovered by her agonizing cats screaming for help the day she dies alone in her Manhattan apartment because no body can stand her bitterness.🙄”

“Take back America”

If Santos — the first out-gay Republican elected to the US House — was enraged by that tweet, Coulter was just warming up. Later on Saturday evening, someone tweeted, “Ann Coulter has been right about Trump in the past. I’d love to hear what he needs to do, in her opinion to help us take America back.”

Coulter had a simple suggestion: “Maybe he could die”.

That tweet prompted over 7k comments. Many came from MAGA diehards furious at the very idea. Others appeared to come from more left-leaning X users suggesting that even broken clocks are correct twice a day. And of course, Santos also weighed in.

As for his blasting of Coulter as a “miserable sourpuss,” others had plenty to say.

Santos plea deal

Elsewhere this weekend, Santos – who is facing 23 federal charges relating to wire fraud, money laundering, and using credit card donations for personal gain — did not deny he might be exploring a plea deal arrangement with prosecutors to escape jail time.

Santos was interviewed by CNN anchor Manu Raju on Inside Politics Sunday.

“You’ve been in talks over a possible plea agreement and the federal indictment you’re facing,” Raju asked. “Do you expect you will reach a plea deal that will keep you out of jail?”

“I can’t report to say yes or no,” Santos replied. “It would be a) irresponsible and b) it would be ill-fated for me to talk about this at this time. But we’re definitely moving through the process, and this is part of the process.”

Santos denies the charges against him.

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