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Here’s your first look at George Santos as his resurrected drag queen persona, Kitara

We love drag queens and regard drag as an art form with a long, under-acclaimed history. Drag performers have often been among the most vocal of queer advocates in the battle for equality.

And then there are those men who just think putting on a dress and a wig might be a quick route to fame and attention. 

That brings us to disgraced, scandal-hit former Republican Rep. George Santos

After Congress booted him last December, Santos, 35, has attempted to milk his infamy for financial gain. This has included posting Cameo videos for fans.

Perhaps those requests have begun to dry up because last week Santos announced he was resurrecting his former drag persona, Kitara Ravache. For a limited time only, he would take Cameo requests (at $275 a pop) for his drag alter-ego. 

This week, those first videos began to pop up online. 

Fabulist George

Santos won election to Congress in 2022. He made history as the first out-gay Republican elected to the US House. However, before he’d even been sworn in, reports emerged of how he’d faked large chunks of his résumé. He listed schools he never attended and companies he’d never worked for. 

The lies continued with claims about his family background. It was also revealed that he used to dress in drag during the time he spent as a youth in Brazil. Santos strongly denied he was ever a drag queen. 

However, he later admitted he did indeed dress in drag and attend some Pride festivals and drag pageants. He seemed to suggest that as he did have a stage act, he wasn’t an actual working drag queen. 

As Santos’ catalogue of lies piled up, authorities turned their attention to his fundraising and finances. He now faces over 20 federal charges relating to wire fraud and deception. This includes using donor’s credit cards for his own personal benefit. He denies all the charges. A trial is set for later this year. 

Attempts and then quits re-election bid

In March, Santos was an unexpected guest at the President’s State of the Union address. On the same day, on social media, he announced he planned to run again for re-election. At first, he said he planned to run as a Republican. He then later said he’d decided to run as an Independent. 

Last week, Santos announced he was ending his bid for re-election to New York’s 1st congressional district. He claimed to be concerned his candidacy could split the vote with GOP Rep. Nick LaLota and deliver the seat to Democrats.

He better be hoping those Cameo request continue to roll in. 

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