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First Images of Flounder from The Little Mermaid are Here, and the Reactions are Hilarious

The opening of the live-action remake of The Little Mermaid is nearly upon us, and the first image of Flounder, Ariel’s gay undersea bestie, has sent waves of shock and terror through across the Internet.

And let me tell you, Sebastian the crab doesn’t fare much better. Fans are currently wondering: is this The Little Mermaid, or Creature From the Gay Lagoon?

The people are shocked, horrified, and begging for a little less CG-enabled realism, please and thank you.

We’ll be haunted by these images for at least a month.

The body horror is real.

As one user astutely put it, this fish—once an adorable cartoon queer—has that faraway, glossy look in his eyes that can only suggest a lifetime of sexual dissociation.

In other circumstances, we’d feel seen. But this is…a lot.

At least Flounder was allowed to keep his queer hairstyle.

The “Le Poisson” scene? It’s about to scar a new generation of gay children.

The people are unhappy.

All I can say is, good light sleeping tonight folks.

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