Short King Spring

Dunkin’ is telling the gays which iced coffee they really need

Dunkin’ Donuts has entered the iced coffee discourse with a new rebrand in time for spring.

Dunkin’ is going through a rebrand, as of late. With commercials with Ice Spice, Matt Damon, and Ben Affleck, the multinational coffee and donut company is finding unique ways to connect with a new caffeinated generation. Now, they’re coming for the gays with the introduction of their latest drink.

Enter “The Short King.”

To celebrate the first day of spring, all of Dunkin’s small iced regular coffees have officially been renamed “The Short King.” Paying homage to men 5′ 8″ and under, iced coffee lovers can order the drink under the name “The Short King” until March 26. While it’s only available within the Dunkin’ App, that doesn’t mean you can’t pick up a “Short King” for you and the short king in your life.

Dunkin’ posted about all over social media to celebrate the fanfare of their royal rebrand of their small regular iced coffees.

The tagline for the rebrand is even better, with Dunkin’ stating “Because sometimes you don’t need a large or even a medium, you just need a Short King.” The rebrand comes as a part of Dunkin’s seasonal menu, bringing with it breakfast empanadas, sweet treats, like banana chocolate chip bread and churro donuts, and SPARKD’ Energy drinks for when you need enough caffeine to power a small town.

Now, the short kings are celebrating this rebrand.

And it looks like there’s ample support from “allies” of the short king community as well.

Others realized that they have love for short kings, beverages and people included.

While some short kings are “concerned” about their culture being appropriated…

…others want to know when comedian and outspoken short king advocate Jaboukie Young-White would be rewarded for his contributions to the short king community. Exhibit A below for evidence.

Don’t worry, he’s well aware of the Dunkin’ rebrand. A Dunkin’ commercial for the Rap Sh!t star coming soon, perhaps?

There’s still time to put him into an ad this season, but until then, long live “Short King Spring.”

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