Here’s what to expect from the Chef Jeff experience

When it comes to food, Jeffrey Morneau (a.k.a. Chef Jeff) skills in the kitchen are unmatched. Born to Haitian immigrant parents in Brooklyn, New York and raised in Queens, Morneau infuses his culinary gifts with his heritage to pay homage to his roots and charm the palates of his customers. After receiving training at the French Culinary Institute, Morneau embarked on fulfilling his childhood dream of becoming a chef.

Now, his food has graced the taste buds of rap sensation Megan Thee Stallion, SNL’s Leslie Jones, and multi-hyphenate creative Teyana Taylor. But Morneau didn’t stop at serving up culinary delights, as he turned his gift into a full service production company called Jeffrey Morneau Atelier. The 5-star catering service brings food, fun, and fantasy into an unforgettable experience.  

INTO chatted with Morneau about which celebs he wants to cook for next, the dishes he’ll cook to win you over, and what to expect from the Jeffrey Morneau Atelier experience. 

Your past clients have included Megan Thee Stallion, Teyana Taylor, Wendy Williams, and more. Who would you want to cook for next? 

I would love to cook for the members of SWV, Lil’ Kim, and Usher and I want to cook with Tia Mowry. 

What are the three dishes you’re making if someone wants to try your food for the first time?

Three dishes that I make to win people over are; Catfish & Grits (I’m a brunch connoisseur. So I bring BRUNCH’d AF to the home.), Jambalaya Mac & Cheese, and Pâtés (Haitian Puff Pastry with delicious filling).

What do you think is the “gayest meal?”

The gayest meal can either be any form of salad or avocado toast on sourdough bread.

Now that you have a full service production company, how would you describe the Jeffrey Morneau Atelier experience? 

The Jeffrey Morneau Atelier experience is one like no other. We provide unique services under one umbrella, that is most certainly not common in this industry. Our cheat code is having a creator who came in the game as a chef and finessed his way into event producing and design. 

What’s your advice for anyone else looking to move into the culinary world?

For anyone looking to move into the culinary world, I strongly advise staying authentic to yourself and your cultural background. Food always tastes better at home. So that’s where they should begin. My Haitian background is my secret weapon. The recipes I’ve learned from my mother, father, and various family members keep the razzle dazzle going.

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