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Man Destroys the Wrong Beer During Anti-Woke Hissy Fit

· Updated on April 19, 2023

It’s been over a week since Dylan Mulvaney appeared in a promotional ad for Bud Light, and “anti-woke” crusaders are still upset about it. They’re so upset that they’ve started taking it out on the wrong beer brand.

At least that’s what happened to one man after throwing a total hissy fit in the supermarket. Unluckily for him, he got “Busch Light” confused with Bud Light, because attention to detail is not in the right-wing wheelhouse.

Yesterday, a TikTok posted by the account @chandlerdavidson24 showed a man going absolutely postal in a Kansas Wal-Mart after seeing a certain brand of beer on display.

But lo, it was not the “woke” beer that everyone’s been talking about for a week. It was Busch Light, a completely different light ale.

Yes, these are the same people who claim they can “always” clock a trans woman.

It’s just too pathetic at this point.

And for those of you who are saying “they’re made by the same company!” Yes I’m sure that was 100% at the top of this utter psychopath’s mind while he was on his rampage.

To make matters worse, this is the same man who was recently arrested after exposing himself to a teenager.

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