Gay Siblings The Zakar Twins Are Here to Teach You How to Take the Perfect Nude

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The Zakar Twins, the gay Iraqi social media stars who are constantly teasing the audience as to whether or not they’ll hook up, are here to teach us all how to take the perfect nude.

As usual, the video of brothers Michael and Zack toes the line between titillating and disturbing.

The Zakar Twins have made something of a career playing off their will-they-or-won’t-they vibes. The pair recently appeared on Comedy Central’s Tosh.0, where Zack said “We haven’t had sex with each other. Not yet.”

Though the two have no problem baring all in front of each other for this video, in the past, they’ve expressed some level of discomfort at peeping each other’s bodies.

Zach told Daniel Tosh that he “saw Michael’s dick once and I was uncomfortable. I think I went back in the closet just a little.”

But hey, sometimes you grow up and you get OK with seeing your brother naked, right?

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