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George Santos may have survived expulsion, but the memes are already ripping him to shreds

Everyone’s favorite Congress clown George Santos may have narrowly escaped being expelled from the House in yesterday’s vote, but the people have not forgotten the incredible antics that got us to this point. How could we? They’re hilarious.

Even outside of Santos’s unhinged congressional antics, there’s just so much to make fun of. For instance, remember the time he thought he was in an episode of “Hanna Montana?”

And the time everyone assumed he’d brought poisoned rainbow cupcakes for the press…

There was the time he lied about his family surviving the holocaust…

And who could forget the fact that he uses an alias!


Just where DID Santos get $700K he loaned to his own campaign to run for Congress??? 🫤🫤 #georgesantos #republican #gop #anthonydevolder #santos #nyc #politics #factcheck

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He’s become a modern Joker figure, a kind of legendary gay villain without enough actual style or wit for us to truly stan him.

But on the bright side, at least he didn’t lie about having seen Blade Runner.

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