Candace Owens blasts two-spirit identities before claiming: “I have many gay fans”

Right-wing podcaster and Daily Wire contributor Candace Owens has claimed she has many gay fans.

The claim came after she went viral over the weekend for a Q&A session at a speaking event. One member of the audience challenged Owens on her anti-trans views, given there has been evidence of queer and trans individuals in many indigenous populations going back thousands of years. The person highlighted two-spirit people in Native American society.

The concept seemed entirely new to Owens. She responded by trashing Native American culture, saying tribe members took drugs and practiced cannibalism.

You can watch the exchange below.

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Two-spirit is a term used to describe gender-nonconforming individuals. The term itself is a relatively modern umbrella term, but it’s used to acknowledge that many Native American cultures recognized more than two genders or that some people lived outside of the binary two-gender model.

Owens’ ignorance on Native American culture

Online, many blasted Owens for her dismissal of Native American culture, with many calling it racist.

Owens responded to one such viral tweet and the accusation of racism. She went on to call it “shocking and vile” that some were “trying to rewrite tribal, Native American history to include this bizarre and perverted American chapter of trying to brainwash children to chop their genitals off.”

Candace Owens claims to have “many gay fans”

That Owens should adopt such a view is perhaps not surprising. This is a woman who has previously blasted The Muppets for pushing a trans agenda (yes, really) and criticized the existence of cruise ship vacations aimed at gay people.  

What’s a little more surprising is that in a later tweet, she went on to claim she has “many gay fans. They just want nothing to do with the clinical insanity that is transgenderism.”

That tweet may not have gone down quite as she hoped. Although a handful of gay people did claim to follow her (tellingly with account names such as @GaysForTrump24), some of her right-wing followers were aghast at her appearing to welcome gay followers.


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