Grindr Users Judge 2018’s Best (and Worst)

We surveyed 10,000 Grindr users about the year’s top (and bottom) pop culture moments. Check out their take on 2018 below, and here’s to a vers 2019!

Bop of the year

Besides being catchy as the clap, Ariana’s ode to boos past was endearingly candid and arrived with a star-studded video shouting out iconic gay faves like Mean Girls and Legally Blonde. And while it easily bid “thank u, next” to the competition, all of these are serious bops worth checking out!

WTF moment of the year

With American democracy basically imploding in real time, 2018 may go down as the year of WTF White House moments. But some stood out more than others—cue Kanye’s bizarro Oval Office kiki with Trump.

LGBTQ win of the year

Colorado governor Jared Polis

It was another epic year of wins for LGBTQ rights, and while every victory is important and it’s silly to pit them against each other in a year-end deathmatch format, we did it anyway. Cheers to all of this year’s progress.

Ally of the year

Shawn Mendes Blow Kiss GIF by 2020 MTV EMA - Find & Share on GIPHY

The queer community had some solid allies this year, but Shawn Mendes was among the more vocal of the pack, speaking openly and thoughtfully about all those gay rumors and expressing total support for his longtime songwriting partner Teddy Geiger as she transitioned. Sorry, Ally from A Star Is Born!

Hero of the year

#MeToo’s time is definitely not up. Brave women like Dr. Christine Blasey Ford continued to speak out in 2018, achieving hero status among Grindr users for the second year running. Shout outs to all these other heroes, including problematic fave Ma Anand Sheela.

Gay gasp of the year

Noah Centineo Peter Kavinsky GIF by - Find & Share on GIPHY

Shocker—a celeb nude leak made Grindr users gasp the loudest this year. At least BenDeLa gave Noah a run for his money ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Word/phrase of the year

Pete Davidson Snl GIF by Saturday Night Live - Find & Share on GIPHY

While many of us were secretly rooting for Melania’s head-scratching “Be Best” to take the crown, Big Dick Energy was the term on everyone’s, um, lips this year.  Thank you, Pete Davidson. 

Must-see movie of the year

In 2018, the gay coming-of-age experience finally got what it deserved—a mainstream movie with a happy ending. And while Love, Simon may indeed be worthy, The Favourite should not have this few votes. Go see it!

Best TV series of the year

Sashay Away GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

10 of TV’s most beloved shows lip synced for their lives and guess who snatched the wig? Oh honeyyyy, you already know.

Troll of the year

Animated GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Hats off to the Troll in Chief, y’all.


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