Holocaust deniers are now claiming JK Rowling as one of their own

Karma can be many things, depending on who you ask: a chameleon (according to Boy George,) a cat purring on your lap because it loves you (Taylor Swift) your checks ’bout to bounce (Ice Spice, per the remix) or simply, a b*tch (JoJo Siwa.) But one thing is certain about Karma: it has a tendency to come back around. Which is why I’m personally howling at this latest JK Rowling development.

Not long ago on Twitter, JK Rowling dug herself so deep into an anti-trans hole that she came out the other side claiming that queer and trans folks were not targeted by the Nazis. Now anyone with a remedial knowledge of Kristallnacht and other book burnings will tell you that yes, queer, disabled, trans, and nonbinary lives were threatened and eventually taken alongside the many Jewish lives that were claimed during Hitler’s reign. But Rowling doesn’t want to hear it.

In fact, after queer and trans folks in the UK started to speak up about her Holocaust denial, Rowling threatened to sue for libel, which only exacerbated the problem.

After British journalist Rivkah Brown posted a formal apology, Twitter fought back with the truth.

Plus, if it’s libel to say that Rowling denies part of the history of the Holocaust, why are right-wing Holocaust deniers suddenly obsessed with her?

It’s hard to deny the truth when it shows itself!

We have the receipts, and we’re not afraid to use them.

And get this, kids: it’s not the only time Rowling has plead the fifth when it comes to basic WWII knowledge:

The moral of the story is: don’t mess around with trans Twitter. And maybe crack a single history book while you’re at it!

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