That's That Me Espresso

Adele and Sabrina Carpenter’s flirty back-and-forth has the internet obsessed

An Adele and Sabrina Carpenter crossover wasn’t on our 2024 bingo cards, but we’re certainly not complaining.

The interaction began with a comment Adele made at a recent concert. The Easy On Me singer was telling her audience that her late-night shows meant she was staying up past her bedtime, and as she was getting into bed two hours later than usual, a certain song was stuck in her head. 

“I found myself singing, ‘I’m working late, ‘cause I’m a singer!’ That Sabrina Carpenter song — “I can’t relate to desperation’ — that song is my jam,” Adele said, quoting lines from Carpenter’s smash hit “Espresso.”

“It came out when I couldn’t f*cking talk! It came out when I couldn’t talk or sing, so since my voice has come back, all last night and this morning, that’s what I’ve been singing,” Adele continued. “From tomorrow it’ll be like, ‘I’m sleeping late, ‘cause I’m a singer,’ ‘cause that’s what I’m gonna do tomorrow.”

Naturally, Carpenter had a witty reply ready to go on social media.

“All I read was Adele thinks about me in bed,” Carpenter wrote on X, proving once again that she’s the queen of the double entendre. One fan even recommended she work the line into her next “Nonsense” outro, which she personalizes for every performance.

Other fans were gagged by the interaction for a number of reasons. One, Adele’s support for Carpenter is just another sign that her career is skyrocketing to new heights, from a chart-topping single to an outstanding performance on SNL.

And two, Carpenter’s comment verges on flirtation thanks to its innuendo. Last month, she featured on sapphic icon girl in red’s new album on the single “You Need Me Now?” — maybe, after getting this recognition, a duet with Adele could be next on her agenda.

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