Anania Williams makes compassion go viral

It’s not just Anania Williams’ smile that captivates us. Their unwavering love for people and the betterment of our world is what truly makes them an amazing talent. From growing up in Davenport, Iowa to making waves as an up-and-coming drag artist in New York City, Williams’ journey is not merely one of artistic exploration but a profound testament to the transformative power of passion, purpose, and empathy.

As a creator who has found much of their success on TikTok, Williams defies categorization of being “just another TikTok famous face.” Seamlessly weaving together elements of visual art, storytelling, and humor to craft immersive content that resonate on a profound emotional level in a 60-second video is what makes the 24-year-old influencer a creative genius.

Folks flock to Williams’ social media (they now have close to 2.5 million followers across platforms) to see content that is not only queer-friendly, but incorporates conversations about drag, intimacy, and dating. As a Black queer influencer and drag artist, they never shy away from the difficult issues facing queer folks — but their sense of humor is top-notch, too.


like im talking viral tweets about invalidating someone’s experience for a punchline/engagement…. lets be so serious

♬ original sound – anania

im speaking real here omg

♬ original sound – anania

Did we mention their presence on and off of social media also landed them a starring role as Lola in a 2023 production of Kinky Boots?

Back in 2021, Williams wrote for Men’s Health about why social media means so much to them.

“I’m so grateful for the gift of laughter building me a platform because I’m able to share with people things that are going on with my life and connect with people [over] what’s going on in theirs,” they wrote. “I’m proud that I’m able to talk about my intersection of being a queer and being Black but also relate to people for a 15-second [or] 60-second video.”

However, it’s not merely the breadth of Williams’ artistic output as an actor, drag artist, or creator that sets them apart. It’s her depth of commitment to sharing her honest truth with folks on social media that has earned Williams an amazing and impressive following. Their work reminds the world that there can be safe places for marginalized folks on social media when the internet can often feel like a dark and dreary place.

In an industry often plagued by ego and self-interest and consumerism, Williams remains steadfast in their belief that reels have the power to spark meaningful change and foster connections that transcend borders and boundaries by speaking truth to power.

Central to Williams’ ethos is their unwavering dedication to uplifting other Black & queer creators’ voices, empowering them to speak out about their experiences. Now living in NYC and making it big as both an actor and a drag artist, Williams continues to embrace imperfection, making their videos the perfect mix of informative, relatable, and undeniably hilarious. It’s what drew them to TikTok in the first place, as they told the Boston Globe in 2021: “I saw something missing on TikTok that I wanted to fill, which was people being unafraid to show that they’re not okay at this moment, or that they’re not perfect,” they said.

In all, folks like Williams continue to remind us that even on a platform that can feel very heavy, there are creators like her who work tirelessly to bring us light and joy. 

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