Lady Miss Kay is the lifestyle coach you’ve always needed

Lady Miss Kay doesn’t tolerate morons. 

One look at her TikTok makes that crystal clear: The 23-year-old content creator never misses a chance to share guidance inspired by her own experiences (typically involving an unfortunate event at work) that are so oddly specific, they’re laughably relatable. She puts universal frustrations into words, as she so eloquently starts one of her videos: “The English language doesn’t have enough swear words to describe the day I had today.”

Lady Miss Kay, originally from Texas, rose to FYP fame by imparting her “T girl wisdom.” These morsels of profound truth appear in stream-of-consciousness monologues that are both hilarious and gentle(ish) reminders how to protect your peace.


And i only say this bc they always chuckle at me like im dumb. Im reading a script my love u r not special

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Her first viral video advocated for building a healthy relationship with food. In a TikTok from December 2022, Lady Miss Kay — real name Kay Poyer — tells more than 762,000 viewers to eat “three meals a day, two snacks, and dessert if you’re nasty.” She’s found that kind of light-hearted delivery is exactly what her viewers needed to hear. “I think a lot of people are tired of being given therapised advice,” she told Dazed in January. “They want something that’s a good mix of what an older woman in your life might say, but also the messy girl in the bathroom at the club might say too.”

When she’s not blessing TikTok with advice or jokes about Skyrim (a passion that earned her the title of “TikTok’s Powerhouse Gamer Girl” per The New Feminist), Lady Miss Kay brings her razor-sharp humor to the booth with her boyfriend. Their podcast Meat Bus premiered in late January, and it promises to add some hot takes to your commute as they discuss everything from Elon Musk and NFTs to “pizza delivery horror stories.”

Despite her comedic roots, Lady Miss Kay doesn’t take fame lightly. As an HIV+ trans woman, she vehemently calls out ignorance both in her comment section and IRL, and she’s a vocal activist for Palestinians, compiling resources for news coverage and donations at the top of her page.

What’s crowned Lady Miss Kay as one of the internet’s leading voices is her refusal to stifle herself to make others comfortable. If she’s angry, she’ll let you know. If she sees a problem — whether it’s the infliction of seasonal allergies or negative body talk — she’ll call it out, and she’ll use some colorful language to do it.

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