María Becerra knows the secret to viral queer success

Argentinian musician María Becerra’s internet presence began at age 12 on Facebook. At 15, she posted a five-minute parody video that was watched over a million times in only a few hours. For Becerra, it became obvious she had potential to use her online presence to spark a career.

Becerra’s music career started in 2015 when she began singing covers on YouTube, eventually gaining more than 3 million subscribers. Although music was a central part of her channel, she also made comedic videos of her playing characters, reacting to content, ASMR videos, and vlogs. Her YouTube account became a clear way to connect with an audience through showcasing not only her innate musical abilities, but her magnetic personality. 

In an interview with Billboard, Becerra noted that she realized she could sing at age 7 and five years later began writing her own songs. She hasn’t stopped since. 

What started on YouTube has exploded into a global career and presence in Latin music. Becerra’s first EP 222 was released September 2019, exploring the intersections of urban pop and hip hop. Since then, she’s only continued honing her craft, releasing two studio albums in 2021 and 2022, Animal and La Nena de Argentina. In December 2023, Becerra signed with Wasserman Music for Global Representation. 

Becerra has been out about her bisexuality since before her debut EP. In the song “Dime Como Hago,” she sings about stealing her friend from an undeserving boyfriend.

In a 2021 interview with MTV, Becerra dished on how her bisexual identity shapes her music.

“I feel like I also represent the LGBTQ+ community because I’m bisexual. I love to represent them,” she said. “I always had it in my head that, if I’m this way, then this is what I’m going to sing about. I’m not only going to make songs about men because I don’t only like men.”

For Becerra, singing about girls is only natural, as it comes from her lived experiences — and she has many tales to tell. She hopes that in singing about her sexuality and relationships she can help break the taboo of homosexuality that is prevalent across cultures and normalize the love she’s experienced. 

“When I understood and accepted that I also liked girls, that was a difficult time,” Becerra continued. “There was a lot of confusion and prejudice, and I had to think about how my family would take it. It was something very heavy that marked my life, so I have a lot of songs about that chapter.”

Becerra’s following has exponentially grown since the start of her career, with over 14 million loyal followers on Instagram. Since 2021, Becerra has been consecutively nominated for varying categories in the Latin Grammy Awards. Her continuously expansive career has connected her to collaborations with other powerhouses in Latin music like her song “Que Más Pues” with J. Balvin, as well as collabing with Camila Cabello and Enrique Iglesias.

Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Becerra made history this year as the first Argentinian woman to perform at the province’s River Plate Stadium and to sell it out. She also recently collaborated with Jason Derulo and Michael Buble for “Spicy Margarita,” a welcome surprise and a potent summer anthem as she gears up to release her third studio album.

There is no doubt that Becerra will continue to use her talents to represent for the queer community, all while making undeniable dance hits. 

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