‘The Mummy’ turns 25 years old and the bisexuals it spawned are still thirsting

This week, the (now officially) classic remake, The Mummy, celebrated its 25th anniversary. Those of us who remember seeing the movie in theaters feel like desiccated corpses ourselves, but bisexuals around the world are reminiscing about the many awakenings it spawned.

For the rest of you too blessed by the Egyptian gods of youth to recall this movie, The Mummy was a 1999 action-adventure horror comedy period piece—a genre frankenstein that never should have worked. Not only did it work, this movie had the absolute audacity to be fun as hell. But as memorable as the swashbuckling fight scenes and the skin-crawler scarabs were, bisexual viewers remember The Mummy for entirely different reasons.

Let’s just say this movie erected more than mummies. Whether you were panting over Brendan Fraser in leather bracers and a perpetually unbuttoned shirt, Rachel Weisz in adorkably askew librarian glasses, or any of the sexy supporting cast, we all left the theater aroused and confused.

It turns out there are queer roots that go even deeper than this film’s Saharan level thirst. A recent retrospective from the Horror Queers podcast dove into the production history and the many names attached to direct the remake. The very first choice was gay author Clive Barker.

Those familiar with the ’80s S&M-inspired cenobites of the Hellraiser franchise can only imagine what Barker’s take on The Mummy might have looked like. The producers who actually experienced the project said it was too “perverted” to put on film.

Just what was so perverted about it? Apparently, the film would have revolved around a transgender lead. After opening with the birth of a “boy-child” under strange circumstances, the film would introduce a mysterious heroine several years later. She seduces her way through an Egyptology exhibition before being revealed as the fully transitioned boy-child.

How sensitively a transgender surprise reveal would have been handled in the ’90s is dubious at best. But we’re living in a (mostly) different era, and there’s no better time than the film’s 25th anniversary to demand our trans Mummy reboot.

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