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In ‘Dungeons & Dragons: The Twenty-Sided Tavern,’ the audience is in control of the story

· Updated on May 7, 2024

Queer folks are no strangers to Dungeons & Dragons. The iconic tabletop role-playing board game has been transporting fans to faraway lands since 1974, where players choose their respective character class to embark on campaigns or adventures. Now, D&D fans can find their favorite character class on stage in the official theatrical production of Dungeons & Dragons The Twenty-Sided Tavern.

The Twenty-Sided Tavern gathers three dashing heroes, the Warrior (Tyler Nowell Felix), the Mage (Madelyn Murphy), and the Trickster (Diego F. Salinas), as they embark on a death-defying adventure. The Dungeon Master and Tavern Keeper, respectively played by the show’s co-creators DAGL and Sarah Davis Reynolds (who also play different NPCs within the show), will immerse the audience into the campaign with D&D lore and ground them into reality with D&D rules, as the audience will be the fourth player. Through the use of browser-based software, the audience gets to choose what the three heroes do and while the cast improvises their narratives, ultimately the audience determines how their story ends.

L to R: Tyler Nowell Felix, Madelyn Murphy, and Diego F. Salinas

If you’re a fan of D&D, then consider yourself lucky. You’re already steps ahead of any “non-D&Der” who sees the show. If you’re like me and never played the game before, then this review is for you. While the audience may be filled with D&D fans, this review will give you an inside scoop on what to expect, if you’re not one of them. 

First off, the Dungeon Master, Tavern Keeper, and heroes will ensure that you have a basic understanding of D&D (and teach you why the twenty-sided die is important). After a run through with game mechanics, audience members learn how they become the fourth member of the heroes’ quest. With browser software from Gamiotics, the audience will be able to decide character actions, reactions, and even help choose the characters each class will play as. 

L to R: Sarah Davis Reynolds, DAGL, Diego F. Salinas, Tyler Nowell Felix, and Madelyn Murphy

While learning the gameplay might seem daunting at first, the cast strives to simplify it as much as possible. Additionally, if you’re engrossed in the show, chances are you will be, you might forget to use your phone during the production. While this is typically frowned upon behavior in theater, keeping your phone close (and charged) will surely bolster your experience.

But when in doubt, trust the true fans within the audience. 

L to R: Sarah Davis Reynolds and DAGL

While the gaming mechanics immerse the audience within the D&D world, the interactive set does the heavy lifting. With a stage resembling a medieval tavern, complete with rune-covered ceiling beams, shelves with mystical items, and a giant screen that oscillates between new scenery for the adventure and a camera highlighting the die rolls each cast member makes, it’s easy to forget that you’re at a play.

Additionally, the characters make it easy to enjoy a game with multiple, intricate rules by reiterating them and improvising their characters as they play. Donning attire that resembles that purposefully straddles the line between community theater garb and homemade cosplay, the audience isn’t watching the cast turn into their character class, but rather a cast member performing as an improvised cosplayer. The beauty of the The Twenty-Sided Tavern is that the cast invokes the spirit of many D&D gamers, as they are D&D gamers themselves, as they act out their parts on stage. 

L to R: Tyler Nowell Felix, Sarah Davis Reynolds, DAGL, Madelyn Murphy, and Diego F. Salinas

That spirit is alive and well in the audience too, as you can expect fans to be dressed in cosplay of their favorite characters classes. Theatergoers can also guarantee plenty of discourse during the show, something that’s prompted by the Dungeon Master and Tavern Keeper. While there’ll be moments where the audience will watch the characters’ story unfold, they’ll also be their primary cheerleaders, rallying behind the cast as they plan different decisions for them. 

There’s plenty to enjoy within the show, but one of the best elements is the comradery developed between the cast and audience. Sure, you’re watching a theatrical production, but ultimately, you’re also a part of this D&D campaign. Take a chance, roll the dice, and embark on your own unique adventure with The Twenty-Sided Tavern

L to R: Madelyn Murphy, Sarah Davis Reynolds, Tyler Nowell Felix, DAGL, and Diego F. Salinas

Dungeons & Dragons: The Twenty-Sided Tavern is showing now at Stage 42. Tickets are available at

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