Crazy Chemistry

Austin Butler and Callum Turner’s bromance will have you kicking your feet

Step aside, Jacob Elordi and Barry Keoghan. There’s a new homoerotic bromance in town.

This time, the duo in question is Austin Butler and Callum Turner. The actors recently went on a press tour together to promote their new limited series Masters of the Air, and fans couldn’t help noticing that their chemistry was off the charts.

Take, for example, this casual hand brush brimming with tension…

…this game of footsie…

…this possessive thigh pat…

…or this aggressive hand-holding.

In interviews, Butler is more often than not staring and smiling at Turner.

And when the two appear together on red carpets, their body language shows that the two are very comfortable with one another.

Turner isn’t shy about his feelings for Butler, either. In one red carpet interview, Turner said that Butler is “a very easy person to fall in love with, and I fell in love with him straight away.” It doesn’t more clear-cut than that.

On Masters of the Air, Butler and Turner don’t play love interests, but Air Force majors during World War II. That doesn’t mean their characters don’t share any intimate moments, though. On the show, their romantic potential is purely subtextual, but it’s still palpable enough that a rom-com starring the pair is not a want, but a need.

Still, there’s one person standing in the way of Butler and Turner’s blossoming romance: Dua Lipa. The pop star has been dating Turner since January of this year — and we have to admit, they’re an adorable couple (one liable to cause severe bisexual panic).

But if Lipa were open to a third, maybe Butler could take that spot.

Masters of the Air is now streaming on Apple TV+.

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