Chrishell Stause shuts down misgendering in the best way possible

Selling Sunset, a reality TV series about the Oppenheim Group real estate agency in LA, is not exactly known for big queer moments, but Chrishell Stause for one isn’t standing for queer erasure. Right on the heels of an epic Halloween costume with her partner G Flip, Stause treated mainstream TV viewers to a clear-cut example on the importance of respecting pronouns.

With the seventh season of Selling Sunset fast approaching, Netflix has dropped a spicy two-minute preview clip. A prime example of classic reality show drama, the clip involves an argument between Stause and Marie-Lou Nuerk, the current girlfriend of Strause’s ex (and boss) Jason Oppenheim.

The argument is equal parts tense and chaotic. Nuerk accuses Stause of not making enough of an effort to befriend her, and for some reason, she starts out by putting Oppenheim on speakerphone. Oppenheim awkwardly listens to the conversation, asking at one point, “Do I really need to be on this call?”

Nuerk brings up a trip to Australia she, Oppenheim, Stause and G Flip took. According to her, Stause did not ask her enough questions herself, which she has interpreted as passive aggressive. But when Nuerk brings up G Flip, she inadvertently demonstrates how little interest she has shown in Stause’s life.

“I really like G a lot, she’s so nice to me,” Nuerk said, casually misgendering the nonbinary musician. Stause was annoyed throughout this conversation, but now it’s personal.

Without waiting for Nuerk to finish, Stause says clearly and assertively, “Okay, my partner is nonbinary. They use they/them pronouns. This is a simple thing.”

As Nuerk apologizes, Stause continues, “This is the depth of our relationship, where the most important person in my life, you don’t know their pronouns. Which is totally fine, but my point is that you also don’t know me. I’m not gonna be your friend, like I don’t have anything in common with you.”

A mic drop moment if ever there was one. This isn’t the first time Stause has fearlessly defended her relationship with G Flip. Even after the pair tied the knot this past summer, Selling Sunset viewers have continued to “ship” Stause with her ex, Oppenheim. In an Instagram story video in August, Stause once again minced no words.

“It’s never happening,” she said. “I met my forever partner with G and we are planning a family and everything happened the way it’s supposed to. Jason is happy and he is a great friend I will have forever. But the people constantly trying to ‘ship’ us getting us back together are wasting your time.”

While it’s disappointing that Stause has had to deal with misgendering and queerphobia, it sounds like she and G Flip couldn’t be happier.

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