Satanic Panic

Doja Cat’s VMAs performance was devilishly perfect and extremely queer

Doja Cat took to the VMA stage last night with an army of blood-soaked demons to deliver the performance of the century. Fresh off of announcing the tracklist of her upcoming album Scarlet (including the intriguing track titles “Wet Vagina” and “F*ck the Girls”), the “Demons” artist gave audiences a feast for the eyes, ears, and any stray LaVeyan Satanists in the crowd.

Wearing red cutout heels and a tailored business suit reminiscent of her “P*ssy Talk” fit, Doja Cat started off strong with a balls-out rendition of “Attention,” swerving straight into the album’s next single “Paint the Town Red” and finishing up with a raise-the-roof rendition of “Demons.” All the while, Doja was surrounded by a cadre of blood-covered backup singers (known as the “Scarlets”) bearing mischievous grins. The effect was uncanny, ingenious, and in a word, gay. Whether or not “F*ck the Girls” is a statement of intent, it’s clear after last night that Doja is for the gays, and specifically the goth gays, only. The Christina Ricci cameo in “Demons” was just the beginning.

Needless to say, the audience IRL and at home was riveted by Doja’s performance.

Have we seen showmanship like this outside of Beyoncé’s Renaissance tour? Honestly…not really!

Ice Spice could barely contain her excitement in her intro:

Taylor Swift had to give it up for Doja’s “cinematic” visuals and choreography:

She gave us something to live for. And also something to die and go to hell for. I’m ready!

And can we give it up for her immaculate cobweb dress on the red carpet? It’s called showmanship, people!

This whole album rollout is giving witchy, Satanic, Carrie at the prom, Veronica and Her Week of Wonders, The Craft excellence. Just in time for spooky season…

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