Size Matters

Everyone is losing it over this scandalous Justin Timberlake bombshell

Britney Spears’ earth-shaking memoir “The Woman in Me” is almost upon us, and Thank God for that, because these excerpts are nearly killing us. First we got to learn what sparked the iconic shaved head moment of 2007, and today, a fresh revelation is shaking us to the core. That revelation? Justin Timblerlake’s penis size.

That’s correct: Brit is spilling absolutely everything, including the fact that she had to get an abortion during her relationship with Timberlake because he “wasn’t ready” to be a father. She’s also letting us know that the first time she and JT had sex, her “world collapsed” on realizing that his member didn’t exactly live up to the fantasy.

Paging Samantha Jones: this is one hell of a relatable moment from Queen Brit.

Ordinarily it wouldn’t be fun or cool to make fun of someone for the size of their dick. But seeing as Justin Timberlake is famously a total dick, it’s fine. We’ll take it. Hell, we’ll revel in it.

Britney Spears, comic genius.

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