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Britney Spears finally shares why she shaved her head in 2007

Pop icon Britney Spears will soon add author to her resume, as her memoir, The Woman in Me, will be published in a week. The 41-year-old is ready to spill on everything surrounding her rise to fame, the conservatorship that controlled her life, and the price she paid growing up in the spotlight.

Since her 1998 debut single, “…Baby One More Time,” all eyes have been on Spears. 

“I’d been eyeballed so much growing up. I’d been looked up and down, had people telling me what they thought of my body, since I was a teenager,” wrote Spears in her upcoming memoir. “Shaving my head and acting out were my ways of pushing back.”

Spears’ memoir will explore the infamous night where she buzzed her hair in a Tarzana, California salon in 2007. Soon after, in 2008, the “Me Against the Music” singer was struck with an airtight, court-ordered conservatorship by her father James P. Spears. Consequently, everything from the development of her music, to her financial affairs, to every move she made in her personal life were under constant control of her father and a lawyer. 

“Under the conservatorship I was made to understand that those days were now over,” Spears wrote. “I had to grow my hair out and get back into shape. I had to go to bed early and take whatever medication they told me to take.”

While Spears released 4 successful albums, including Circus, Femme Fatale, Britney Jean, and Glory, launched a Las Vegas residency, and still continued to break records within the music industry, her conservatorship maintained a tough grip around her creativity and her life. 

“I would do little bits of creative stuff here and there, but my heart wasn’t in it anymore. As far as my passion for singing and dancing, it was almost a joke at that point,” Spears wrote. “Thirteen years went by with me feeling like a shadow of myself.”

But since the release of her conservatorship in 2021, Spears has been free to live her life the way she wants. And she’s ready to tell her story on her own terms. 

“Over the past 15 years or even at the start of my career, I sat back while people spoke about me and told my story for me,” Spears said in an interview with People. “After getting out of my conservatorship, I was finally free to tell my story without consequences from the people in charge of my life.”

And she most definitely is, but she’s not alone in doing so. She’ll have help from Oscar-nominated actress Michelle Williams, who’ll narrate her audiobook. 

“It is finally time for me to raise my voice and speak out, and my fans deserve to hear it directly from me,” Spears stated. “No more conspiracy, no more lies—just me owning my past, present and future.”

Britney Spears’ memoir is released on The Woman in Me October 24, 2023. 

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