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Gabrielle Union-Wade had the perfect response to Kevin McCarthy’s ousting

Kevin McCarthy has been historically unseated as speaker of the House, and although the Republican responsible—Florida rep. Matt Gaetz—is a big dumb baby, plenty of Dems are happy to see McCarthy leave office. For one thing, he supported Trump before the January 6 insurrection, then decided he didn’t, and then decided he did again.

Luckily, the North remembers. New York Magazine writer Jonathan Chait put it simply: “The only way to keep people like Gaetz, Lauren Boebert, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and so on out of power is to defeat Republicans in swing districts and hand the majority back to Democrats. If Republicans want to perform public demonstrations of their fanaticism, Democrats should let them proceed.”

And now that McCarthy is officially out of office, Democrats are dancing on his grave. Yesterday, after the dick-measuring contest between Gaetz and McCarthy on Twitter drew ire (and laughs), queen Gabrielle Union-Wade had the last word.

Responding to McCarthy’s now-famous “bring it on” tweet, Union-Wade, who starred in the iconic 2000 teen comedy of the same name, shared a GIF of her younger self in the film, directing a perfectly-arched eyebrow at the ex-speaker’s tweet.

Lest we forget, Gabrielle Union-Wade isn’t just an iconic actress, producer, and writer: she’s also the adoring stepmother of model and trans activist Zaya Wade. During McCarthy’s tenure as House Speaker, he followed the anti-trans party line by pushing H.R. 734 through the House in August. The bill, also known euphemistically as the “Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act,” denies trans girls participation in school sports on the basis of the sex they were assigned at birth.

A proud mother and a true ally, Union-Wade has remained vocal about the dangerous wave of anti-trans legislation facing today’s youth. Recently, she and husband Dwyane Wade spoke out about having to leave their home in Florida in order to provide their daughter Zaya the protection and happy childhood she deserves.

Basically, like everyone else who doesn’t want to see queer and trans rights fall by the wayside, Gabrielle Union-Wade is taking McCarthy’s ousting for the W that it is…even if Matt Gaetz had to the be the one to initiate the speaker’s fall from grace.

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