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Georgia Tennant said trans rights in the coolest way

The Tennants—as in Doctor Who star David Tennant and his wife, actress and producer Georgia Tennant—have consistently worn their support for trans rights on their sleeves. But Georgia may have just upped the ante with a trans rights tattoo.

On Sunday, David Tennant hosted the 2024 BAFTA Awards, and the loving couple were already turning heads on the red carpet—so much so that viewers could be forgiven for not noticing some new ink on Georgia’s wrist.

Following the ceremony, Georgia posted a pair of photos to Instagram—one of herself with David and another subtly showing off her wrist tattoo. “Trans rights are human rights,” the tattoo read.

The tattoo, as stylish as it is provocative, is likely temporary. But even if the tattoo is not permanent, Georgia’s commitment to trans rights certainly is.

Both of the Tennants have repeatedly been spotted wearing apparel in support of the trans community. While that might seem like a simple gesture, even small demonstrations of advocacy from a person as famous as the face of Doctor Who can have a big impact.

Case in point: last November, David Tennant wore a TARDIS badge in the colors of the trans flag during a television appearance. The Albert Kennedy Trust, a UK charity fighting LGBTQ+ homelessness, subsequently reported that their donations skyrocketed with purchasers looking for the same pin.

The Tennants have also backed up their fashion choices with words. In response to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s transphobic speech at the Conservative Party conference, Georgia redoubled her commitment to standing up for the trans community.

“We shouldn’t be bullied into believing people can be any sex they want to be, they can’t,” Sunak said at the October conference. “A man is a man, and a woman is a woman.”

“I have written and erased so many furious tweets,” Georgia tweeted. “So many things I want to say but actually, in this moment, only one thing I need to. So; To the trans community, I stand with you now and always. I, like you, am going nowhere.”

In the UK, where transphobia is often masked under the guise of protecting cis women, public shows of advocacy by cis women definitely counts. And as far as we can see, Georgia’s making good on her promise to stick by the trans community.

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