Here’s how to get a ‘Barbie’ booty like Ncuti Gatwa

From Sex Education to Barbie and soon to Doctor Who, Ncuti Gatwa is known for his killer performances. Though he’s a chameleon on screen, one thing about Gatwa never changes: his truly remarkable butt.

Now, in a new interview, Gatwa has revealed the workout routine that earned him those glutes.

In a video for British GQ, Gatwa broke down his 10 essentials, including resistance bands — or “booty bands,” as he puts it.

“I travel with these everywhere,” he said, before breaking down his glute workout routine: With the bands on, do 20 fire hydrants on each leg, then 20 donkey kicks on each leg. Repeat that four times for maximum gluteus maximus.

“You’re gonna get a fat ass if you do that,” Gatwa said. “And that’s essential to me.”


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Gatwa revealed plenty of his other beauty secrets, too. His luminous skin can be attributed to three of his essential items: a sapo, or exfoliating African bath sponge; aloe vera gel, which both clears up peeling skin and beautifies the skin; and teatree oil, which Gatwa says he uses to get rid of razor bumps.

He also teased his signature scent, but refused to share the specific fragrance beyond the brand, which is Mizensir. “Everywhere I go, people tell me how good I smell,” he said, covering most of the bottle with his hand for fear of the scent getting too popular. 

Gatwa’s secrecy didn’t stop some eagle-eyed fans from deducing that it’s Mizensir’s Perfect Oud fragrance based on the details of the bottle. Sorry, Ncuti — your secret’s out.

Some of Gatwa’s essentials are slightly less practical, but that doesn’t make them any less important. That includes a book about astrology (Gatwa says to avoid Capricorns and Virgos, for the record), some sticks of incense, and signet ring from Tiffany’s. 

Above all else, though, Gatwa says the most essential things in his life are his two best friends. There’s a man who has his priorities straight.

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