How to dress gay, according to Reneé Rapp

Reneé Rapp is a queer style icon. The “Pretty Girls” singer went from playing lesbian poster girl Leighton on The Sex Lives of College Girls to releasing her smash hit album Snow Angel this summer, and looked effortlessly fab (and fruity) through it all.

Now, Rapp has pulled back the curtain on an age-old queer conundrum: how does one dress gay?

In an interview with HighSnobriety, Rapp said her outfit choices and her queerness go hand in hand. “It’s such a joke, and probably such a bad joke, but I always say my style changes depending on how gay I want to feel that day,” she said.

For Rapp, that means dressing across the spectrum of self-expression. You’re equally likely to find her in a corset or a baggy jersey, in a glittering bodysuit or a Canadian tuxedo.

“I really enjoy when I dress hyper-feminine or appear hyper-feminine, and then people are very confused,” Rapp continued. “I quite love it. It didn’t use to serve me when I was a kid though, because I was like, ‘Wait, I’m gay.’ Which is such an interesting complaint, because growing up in the South, I was blessed and lucky to present in such a way that I wasn’t actively looked at through a specific lens.”

To sum up it up, the essence of queer style is confidence. Dressing gay means dressing for yourself, so take a page from Rapp’s book and rock whatever style is speaking to you, even if people stare.

“I feel my best when I feel good. And that’s coming from somebody who’s been told, ‘You need to cover up’ or ‘You need to lose weight’ or ‘You look too frumpy’ or things like that for my entire adult life so far in a professional setting,” Rapp said. “I love fashion and I love versatility, and I love how it can make you feel on different days.” 

The deluxe version of Snow Angel is out now, including a remix of Rapp’s song “Tummy Hurts” featuring Coco Jones. Check out the music video below.

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