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Is Reneé Rapp a top?

Reneé Rapp has no shortage of thirsty fans, and her girlfriend Towa Bird just dropped a big hint about what they get up to in the bedroom.

Bird’s comment comes courtesy of a post from TikToker Malcolm Lacey, who was having a ball finding rhymes for Rapp’s surname.

“Reneé’s dog just took a poop. Reneé Crapp,” they began. “You fell for Reneé’s trick. It was a Reneé Trapp.” You get the idea.

It was after Lacey’s third rhyme that Rapp’s guitarist-turned-girlfriend Bird had to interject. “Reneé’s a top,” Lacey said. “She’s the one wearing the Reneé Strapp.”

To that, Bird replied, “Idk [about] the third one.”

Lacey fired back with another pun: “Must be a rumour I Towa Heard,” they wrote.


Reneé has a sick flow, She can really Reneé Rapp. #reneerapp @reneé

♬ original sound – ✨Malcolm Lacey✨

The takeaway here? Bird, someone with firsthand evidence of Rapp’s, ahem, preferences, is making jokes about the “Snow Angel” singer’s reluctance to top, much to the dismay of her fans.

Rapp herself also reposted the TikTok, so she’s certainly seen the discourse (and it’s safe to assume she’s seen Towa’s comment, too). That means she can enjoy Lacey’s puns as much as the rest of us. 

It’s not the first time we’ve gotten wind of what Rapp gets up to in the bedroom. In January, a video of Rapp at a concert went viral where she played matchmaker for her fans. When one concertgoer held up a sign saying she was looking for a top, Rapp simply replied, “Yeah, that ain’t me,” before asking the tops in the crowd to raise their hands in the hopes of forming a love connection in the crowd. She may not be a top, but who ever said Rapp wasn’t good at giving?

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